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In Success with Listings, Knolly Williams articulates the real estate listings process in a format that is easy to understand and implement. This book will serve as your complete guide and Success Manual for your entire career. 

"Knolly… Your message is so valid. I think it’s all about connection, mindfulness, gratitude and passing on what you have learned! Best wishes for continued success." Gary Keller

New York Times Bestselling Author of The One Thing 
and The Millionaire Real Estate Agent
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Jonathan Benya went from 20 Listings/yr to 250 Listings a year...
The book is for sale on Amazon,
but you can get it here for FREE...
"Knolly - my appreciation to you. Your book arrived via Amazon yesterday and I read it in one sitting. You are so gracious for sharing all of this valuable info. I have attended Keller Williams BOLD training twice and Family Reunion, but your words and simple to follow plan resonates with me big time. I have been in the real estate business full time for 10 years and I am feeling totally fired up and focused for the future. I highly recommend it to new and seasoned agents alike!"
Sylvia Hamilton, REALTOR, Blogger, Investor and Coach
Pheonix, AZ 
With Success with Listings you will learn:
  • The systematic approach that Knolly used to find, se cure and close more than 1000 listings
  • How to list and close 6-10 listings (or more) a month
  • How to cut hours, days and weeks off the listing process
  • The right scripts and strategies to use on every listing
  • How to generate a non-stop supply of seller listing leads
  • Easy and Automated ways to build your client list while working fewer hours
  • How to build your own Top Listing Team
  • More than 95 Scripts
Real Results...

Excellent source for any agent looking to get more from the biz...

"Excellent source for any agent looking to get more from their business and build a lasting and profitable business in real estate. I will be recommending this book for any new or struggling agent." 
Raymond R Marosi, Assoc Broker (30+ Years Business & Real Estate Experience)
Keller Williams Realty 
Denver, CO

Great Book!

"Excellent source for any agent looking to get more from their business and build a lasting and profitable business in real estate. I will be recommending this book for any new or struggling agent." 
Reneta Osobase, REALTOR
JP & Associates
Austin, TX

Knolly Williams is #1

"Knolly, over the last several months I have listened to many of our colleagues on how to build a successful listing real estate team. I even read the Millionaire RE Agent. However, I must say out of all that I have listened to, and made notes on you are #1. I just had a couple of closings and I am now ready to invest and move forward using your systems and tactics. I am grateful to God for bringing you into my life at this time in my career. Looking forward to someday meeting you Knolly, and giving you a Great Big Ole Holy Hug. Your book is Awesome!" 
Tony Swaggerty, Broker (Over 31 Years Experience)
Swaggerty Real Estate Group 
Las Vegas, NV

A great resource for REALTORS everywhere!

"There's a great deal of valuable information in this book for new as well as semi experienced agents. I am finding it very valuable and I am sure to keep it handy as a go-to reference guide. Thankful to Knolly for not having to re-invent the wheel!" 
Myrna Reilly, REALTOR
Keller Williams Realty
Charlotte, NC

This book is awesome. It is full of great ideas!

"This book is awesome. It is full of great ideas and the steps to have a successful listing business. Knolly does not just share pie in the sky ideas, but things that really work because he has actually proven them and continues to do so in his business. I like his straight forward and honest approach. Not a lot of hype here, just very practical and some out of the box strategies to make you successful if you're willing to do the work, stick to a schedule and do some new things. I highly recommend this book!" 
Steven Kosylo, REALTOR
eXp Realty
Seattle, WA

Hey Knolly - Great book!

"Hey Knolly - Great book! I have finished reading the book and I learn a lot from it one of the best books I have read on obtaining listings I am starting to implement some of the ideas in my practice. A great book anyone looking to reinvent their business and focusing on listing should really read this book it is a big book but is easy to read and understand well laid out from A-Z..." 
Lloyd Smith, Real Estate Agent (Over 25 Years Experience)
Chino Hills, CA
Century 21

Take back your life!

"Knolly is the absolute master when it comes to taking listings. If you're a realtor, do yourself a favor and read this book. Stop chasing your tail with buyers that run you all over creation. Take more listings and take back your life." 
Scott Buchanan, REALTOR (Over 29 Years Experience)
ExP Realty
Charlotte, NC

"This is a book that is packed with information. Take the time to really absorb it and you'll be in a position to make real progress!" JDK

"Talk about a well put together book! I tip my cap to Knolly for this one he definitely hit every angle you could imagine and more when it comes to becoming a successful real estate agent. Whether you've been in the business for years or you just started your career he clearly breaks down why you should become a celebrity agent (local authority) for your market. Knolly leaves no stone unturned from providing scripts, sales techniques & systems of automation that help facilitate the listing process allowing it to run like a well oiled machine. Definitely taking my business to new horizons!" Irv

"This is by far one of the best resources to have on your desk as a Listing Agent, or on your bedside table if you are wanting to focus on building a successful Listing business. As a newer agent I was stymied by this concept of focusing on any one thing - a hungry agent will take whatever comes their way. Further into my career I have been fortunate enough to establish myself as an expert in specific market segments, and Knolly's advice and guidance was instrumental in helping me do that. I highly recommend his book, not only as a supplement to the Millionaire Real estate Agent but as an important step by step how-to manual for the agent ready to grow their business by leveraging time-tested methods at working with home sellers." Critic Magazine
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