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  •  Your Complete Editable Seller Book. Now you are an OVERNIGHT CELEBRITY! You are NOW on the FAST TRACK to GET MORE LISTINGS! This is your comprehensive 80 page seller guide - written to show sellers your unique approach to listing and getting their home SOLD and to Impress sellers to LIST WITH YOU! ($4,997 Value)
  •  Your Editable Pre-Listing Package. You now have the editable pre-listing package that you will make sellers practically BEG YOU to list their home! This package saves you more than 100 hours of research and design! ($997 Value)
  •  Your Virtual Listing Presentation. This is the same pre-listing video that Knolly has used to generate hundreds of listings and millions in the bank. You now have the video and the editable script that GETS RESULTS FAST. ($497 Value)
  •  Job Descriptions for all Team Members. Once you are ready, it'll be time to GROW and SCALE YOUR BUSINESS so you can make more money FASTER. Now you have your own a comprehensive list of editable job descriptions for 14 different team positions. ($497 Value)
  •  Listing Manager Training Manual. You now have a comprehensive LISTING SYSTEM for ULTIMATE SUCCESS! This is the same manual and system that Knolly uses to train his Listing Managers and includes ALL the editable forms you will use in your listing business! ($997 Value)
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  • Vendor Service Directory! Once your vendors are on board, you won't pay a dime because your vendors pay 100% of the cost - plus you get $900 per year to print your books! ($900/year value) 
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When you plug YOUR Tools into your real estate business you become an OVERNIGHT SUCCESS and you begin getting MORE LISTINGS while spending more time with your family.

Easily save 300-400 hours of time-consuming research, writing, designing and editing.
Real Results...
Several years ago I wrote an easy-to-read BOOK for sellers and called it "Consider it SOLD!" 

This tool really helped make me become the "GO-TO" LISTING AGENT in my market and has done more to generate LISTINGS for me than any other system I have ever used! 

Over the years, agents have asked me if they could just "license" my book and pre-listing package - and save themselves the hundreds of hours of time and aggravation of trying to reinvent the wheel.

I knew that if I did license my book, I would not want it to cost agents a dime. 

I would want it to be FREE.

So I came up with a system that does just that!!


The back of the book has a Preferred Vendor Directory and your vendors pay the license fee! You partner with a handyman, carpet cleaner, house cleaner, painter, mover and a home inspector. 

Each vendor pays just $99 to be on the back of the book and you generate not only enough for the license fee, but enough to print your books at NO COST to you!

Your book looks absolutely FABULOUS, they cost less than $3 per book to print and they help you WIN listings AND your sponsors pay for it all - even your book printing!

I listed more than 1000 houses during my first 10 years in real estate and I've developed an incredible suite of tools - including the Editable Seller Book, Pre-Listing Package - and much more - all at NO COST TO YOU! :)


If you want MORE LISTINGS, you've got to begin looking like the TOP AGENT that you are!

To help you get some great ideas about how you can use the system in your business, I've put together a great page of CASE STUDIES, which includes one from Mary Lee - show has been an agent and real estate trainer for more than 28 years. She used her book in a presentation to more than 40 sellers.

The Customizable Book has worked for HUNDREDS of agents across the country... AND IT WILL WORK FOR YOU!

To Your Success!
Joe Boudreaux is a LISTING SPECIALIST in Lousiana, who has been selling real estate for almost a decade. Here's what he had to say about how the Seller Guide has transformed his business. Remember, there is NO COST TO YOU!
Keith Dean is a hard working REALTOR in Florida, who has been selling real estate for more than 13 years... Here's what he had to say about getting his sponsors in place. Remember, there is NO COST TO YOU!
Ron Davis is a REALTOR outside of San Francisco, CA... he has been selling real estate for more than 30 years and is extremely successful. He decided to finally pull the trigger and invest in his customizable book. He had all of his sponsors in place in just ONE WEEK! 

PLUS... Ron got his FIRST LISTING which was directly linked to his seller book in just a few weeks! 
Now check out Ron's email just a few months later... 
The Book has been a HIT in his business!
Eloise Middleton contacted me about 8 months after she purchased the listing toolkit. Eloise has been a licensed agent since in Oakland, CA since 2012 and has been voted "Business Woman of the Year" and served as Vice President of the Women's Council of ARPB. She feels that her custom book is a "PRICELESS" addition to her business!
"I've been a REALTOR and a real estate trainer for more than 28 years and Knolly's Seller Book is the EASIEST system I have ever implemented into my business!

Knolly's system only took me 3 Hours to implement and I was able to use my Seller Book at a presentation of over 40 sellers! It was a HUGE hit! This investment will make me a HUGE RETURN! If you are thinking about getting the system, stop thinking and GET IT"
Mary Lee, Broker, Seattle, WA
"Thanks Knolly! I'm so glad you came into my life! The Seller Book and Tools have been a phenomenal boost to my listing business!"
Randy Elgin | Broker Associate and Top Listing Agent
San Antonio, TX
"This year we did $650,000 in GCI and The Seller Book and Tools has been a fantastic tool in our listing business! In fact, our book just helped us take a $380,000 listing last week! We met the seller on a trip to Lake Tahoe. We found out that she wants to sell her Sacramento area home and we gave her a copy of our book. She just called to say she is listing with us even though her sister is a real estate agent! One of the primary reasons she says she decided to go with US vs her own sister is because we have a book!"
Kevin and Samantha Cooper | Associate Brokers and Top Listing Agents
Elk Grove, CA
"The response to the book has been phenomenal. In less than 3 weeks I have 10 advertisers to cover the cost and I now have the cost of 750 books covered by my advertisers. WOW. I’m looking forward to the mobile version of MoreSolds to be released later the quarter. I’m using the transaction manager and the other parts of the CRM. I have built my initial team and hired my first Admin who has agreed to get paid on a per-closing basis. Your Success With Listings has really helped me rocket ahead of the pack in the office. We are looking forward to a fantastic year!"
Tom Miller | REALTOR
Cape Coral, FL
"My company works with over a thousand real estate agents. I can honestly say that Knolly's Seller Book and Tools are the best I've seen! It's an ingenious way to GET MORE LISTINGS! I highly recommend it!"
Daniel Ramsey | Owner
"Because of the book, and complete system, I was able to get my first listing! (Yes, my very first) I was 1 of 6 agents interviewed, but because of the listing system, the book and my approach, the owners chose to work with me! Oh yeah! The best part: the house is listed for $539,000!!!

Knolly - You have done more than Ignite my business, you have allowed me to completely transform my business. I have redesigned my book cover, received a printing quote and reached out to vendors. 

I have also come up with a strategic marketing plan to become Famous using my vendors who are paying for the book, postcards, door hangers, etc. Before I met you I had no idea how I was going to get myself out to my farm and prospects due to funding. Now I am doing it and already making money from it.
My new goal is 6 listings a month thanks to your system."

Richard Anderson
Anderson Premier Realty
Cambridge, MA
"Thank you so much for a wonderful seminar and for sharing your valuable information with our area. I am so glad I purchased your program! I have my Sponsors and will be ready to print my "Survival Guide to Selling Your Home" next week!! 

Wahoo!!! I also have the Listing presentation package printed up and ready to put in a folder or have binding done.Thank you for helping me to jump over the mud puddle that I wasn't sure I could get over!! Now I'm running!! Blessings to you!" 
Rhonda Norris
Flowood/Jacksonville, MS
I bought the program and published my book last month!!! Thank you Knolly! I have already gotten 2 listings directly attributed to my book!

Arnold Bedak
Flowood/Jacksonville, MS
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